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A Few of Our Favorite Things

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Blue Moon Vintage Market is owned and operated by mother/daughter duo Vicki and Jen Kerr but we can’t forget to include Roger “Rog” (Vicki’s husband/Jen’s dad) who is the incredibly talented force behind the scenes. It takes all three to make Blue Moon what it is and our goal is to share our space on our farm with our customers to provide an exciting and unique shopping experience. Rog and Vicki moved to the property in 2006 so that they would have space to share with their 7 horses. Little did they know, their love for rescuing horses would grow….and so would their herd. The herd now includes 10 horses, 5 pigmy goats, 2 potbelly pigs named Thelma and Louise, 3 dogs, 2 ungrateful geese and 5 cats. Jen sold her home in 2015 when Blue Moon opened and moved to the farm for what was going to be a “temporary” situation. Now all 3 live on the farm, care for the rescues and work at the store which is now on the property.

Furry Friends

Almost all of the horses were acquired from sad situations with the exception of a few and will live out the rest of their days here at the farm, enjoying their pastures during the day and clean warm barns at night. They come from all walks of life and while it is easy to assume we ride them, the truth is we just enjoy caring for them and find no need to ride them. The pigs found their way to the middle of the farm in the dead of winter on a sub-zero day in December of 2019. They had been out on their own to fend for themselves for several months before they made their way to the middle of the farm one very cold morning. Vicki and Jen spent about 3 hours coaxing them into the barn where they spent the rest of the winter staying warm, safe and fed. They go to their “summer home” on the property from May through November. The goats aka “the ladies” were retired from a breeding program and needed a forever home. All 5 of them enjoy their time with their friends, Mary Lou and Dexter, two mini horses that share space with them. The geese were acquired when Rog told Vicki she didn’t need to have any chickens, so she went out and got something so much worse. They were just a few days old at the time and are almost 13 years old now….and they are still ungrateful. There are currently 27 animals living their best lives at the farm.

Fun Finds

Vicki and Jen have a passion for traveling to different locations to find unique and interesting items for the market. While some items are ready to display, others need a little love or might even need a new purpose. Once the items are brought back to the farm and unloaded, Rog, Vicki and Jen get to work cleaning, painting, restoring, repurposing and transforming the finds to get them ready for the market. Vicki and Jen then stage them in the market to create a stylized shopping experience for the customers. We have one of a kind items from foundry molds turned into coffee tables to Chinese canal boats used as wall décor.


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